Ness Industries

Recycling Programs

Single-Stream Recycling

What is Single Stream?

Single stream recycling eliminates the need to separate cans, bottles, and newspapers for pickup. Simply place your desired recyclables into the bin that we provide each week for pickup. We accept every grade and type of recyclable. The only items we cannot accept at this time are paints or chemicals.

How do you collect the recyclables?

We use separate recycling vehicles or trucks equipped with recycling compartments for quick, safe, and clean collection of recyclables.

Where do the recyclables go?

We bring recyclables to numerous transfer stations certified to collect single stream recycling depending upon which town they were collected from.

Do you collect cardboard?

Yes. We can collect small amounts of cardboard that is either broken down or in its whole form on your regular pickup day. For larger amounts please call ahead to be placed on our Friday cardboard route.